Kratom: Useful Tips On Choosing Which One To Buy

Most people have not heard of Kratom. This is not something to be ashamed about because it is a relatively obscure plant. It’s official Latin name is Mitragyna speciosa, which almost nobody uses because it is too complex, so most people call it Kratom. Kratom is a leafy plant that grows in Southeast Asia. The climate there is perfect for Kratom to grow, in is hard for it to grow in other places besides there, but it is possible. The native people are aware that Kratom exists, they have been using it to make medicine and other stuff for decades. People take Kratom to treat a variety of issues. The issues it can treat range from back pain, or to manage opioid withdrawal. When you are taking Kratom, there are some things you should be careful of. It is important to educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks of Kratom. If you do not do this, there could be a risk to your health and well-being. Most people do not do research before taking Kratom because they use it as a recreational drug. Others only know about Kratom from it being a opiom substitute. Kratom can have some dangerous effects if not taken with caution. There are many suppliers of Kratom, you need to make sure you get good quality stuff, otherwise you are at risk for getting scammed for poisoned. The fake Kratom could be toxic or deadly if ingested, always make sure you are getting it from a reliable source. When you are thinking about buying Kratom think to yourself that this is the kratom I would buy if my life was on the line. Kratom can have some deadly effects if you take too much or mix it with other drugs. Just be careful what you do with your body.…

The Best Healthy Alternatives to Toxic Cosmetics

If you can find a cruelty free brand of cosmetics, still there is no way of knowing what exactly is in your cosmetics. Many lipstick brand uses lead as an active ingredient, which could cause poisoning. Glittered face products use silica. In addition to being harmful to your body, they also destroy the environment. We should only trust brands that are proven to have natural ingredients and this is why I get my beard balm from primitive outpost. Here are some natural ingredients you can use instead of toxic cosmetics.

  1. Dry skin moisturizer aka Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has great moisturizing properties and is completely natural and excellent for your skin. It hydrates, softens and evens out your skin tone.
  2. Natural lip balm aka glycerin and pomegranate: exposure to sun, caffeine intake and dehydration can rob your lips of the natural pinkish color and turn it dark. The lipsticks in the market only makes it worse. Glycerin is an excellent lip moisturizer, mixed with pomegranate, you got natural lip gloss!
  3. Body lotion and anti-dandruff aka coconut oil: The medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil is expert at keeping our skin healthy and penetrate deeply inside the hair shaft to provide nutrition to your hair follicles. Ditch the harsh chemical anti dandruff shampoos and lotions, use coconut oil regularly and you will start seeing results within the week.
  4. Hair dye aka Henna:Chemical hair dye is extremely harmful and can burn off your hair follicles as well as damage your hair permanently. Henna is a natural hair due which gives a dark brown undertone when mixed with coffee, lighter notes when mixed with lemon. You can mix it with curd or tea leaf extracts to give your hair extra conditioning.

Worst Present Ever Bought For a Girlfriend 

Getting a gift that your girlfriend will appreciate is not something every guy is good at. The very fear of this has lead guys into asking several questions before purchasing a gift for their girlfriend. Research has now shown that a lot of guys now prefer to visit dating sites rather than engaging in physical relationships. The question on the lips of every guy who visits a dating site is this; are there any free dating sites? Even it dating sites are free, most gift are not. To avoid giving a bad impression here are some gift ideas you should avoid.

In order to know the worst gifts a girlfriend ever received, we decided to ask some women about their experience. Here is what they had to say;

  1. Cat food: according to Amanda, her boyfriend bought her a carton of cat food when she doesn’t even have a cat.
  2. The same CD twice: In this case, Sam explained how she received the same CD twice and from the same person. “Gosh! Is his memory that bad?”
  3. The same gift she gave her boyfriend: Yes, you heard that right. According to Chloe, her boyfriend gifted the same gift she gave him on his birthday. Who does that?
  4. A used Halloween magazine: “I guess it was a deliberate attempt” lamented Jane. “He gave me an old used Halloween magazine. Well, that was the last time he heard from me. It shows I’m not better than an old used magazine.”
  5. An empty bottle of Jack Daniels: “How can a well-thinking human give someone an empty bottle of Jack Daniels? That was my worst gift ever” Danielle
  6. A damaged jigsaw puzzle: “I received a damaged jigsaw puzzle from my boyfriend. I never knew it was broken until he left. I was very angry with him.” Lara
  7. A Pineapple wrapped in a newspaper. “This was the most annoying thing I have ever received.” Jennifer
  8. A box of trash: “I ate some chocolates at night and forgot to clear the room. The next morning, my boyfriend packaged the trash in a box and presented it to me.” Lizzy