Positions to Try With a Sex Swing

One thing that sex swings offer to their owners is the ability to think outside of the box. With sex swings, you could try out positions most people don’t even dream about. However, some people might require a bit of help to get their creativity going. So, we will recommend some of the common positions you should try out. After that, feel free to expand your creativity.


The partners start facing each other. The receiving partner is in the swing with their hips on the height of the hips of the penetrating partner. During sex, the partner in the swing can wrap their legs around the partner that is standing. So, the one in the swing can hold on to their partner with both their legs and their arms. Alternatively, they can also use straps for support. This position allows for a lot of kissing and breast play.

From Behind (Bending Over)

The receiving partner leans over the seat of the sex swing. Depending on the height and other traits, they should try to reach down to the floor with their hands. The floor can provide additional support to the receiving partner. The penetrating partner stands behind and can engage in both vaginal and anal sex. They can also choose to move the receiving partner’s legs any way they like, including around their hips.

Sitting (Anal)

The penetrating partner, yet again, stands behind the receiving partner. The partner in the swing sits down and scoots their butt backward to allow anal penetration. Partners can use the swing to get better movement and angles for optimal pleasure.

Oral Sex (Male Partner Receiving)

A male can receive oral sex while sitting in the sex swing. Partners can use the swinging motion to mimic regular thrusting. They can also use foot straps to allow the partner in the swing to spread their legs. The “performing” partner kneels between the legs of the partner in the swing.

Oral Sex (Female Partner Receiving)

With proper attachments, a woman can also receive incredible oral sex in a sex swing. Partners can use an attachment as a support for her back and allow her to lean back slowly. The “performing” partner can then kneel in front of the woman and satisfy her. To add comfort for the performing partner, it is also possible to lower the sex swing and allow the performing partner to sit on the floor.


This position is a bit more challenging than others. However, it is usually more than worth it. One partner can use the back support attachment and lean back, while the other one leans over them. Both of them can then use their mouths to stimulate each other. Adventurous couples can take it to the next level by having the one in the swing turn upside-down.


For this position, the penetrating partner sits on the swing with a back support attachment. Their partner then straddles them with the legs around their hips, but still inside the swing’s straps.


Of course, you should always consider new ideas and experiment with your swing. However, these positions are a good starting point into the world of pleasure sex swings can offer. Get your own sex swing today at https://cumswingwithme.com/