A Complete Checklist For Winter Camping

Planning to go camping in the winter months? Here is your checklist of what you should have with you before you set off camping.

Bedding and shelter

It is important that you pay close attention to the quality of the tent that you choose to go camping in the winter months. The ideal choice is to opt for a dome-shaped or a tunnel-shaped tent because it helps to keep one warm below and also lets the snow and the rain to slide down from the top. For insulation choose to get the sleeping bags that are made for four or five seasons. If you are not very tall then opt for the mummy shaped bag that helps to keep you warm.

Cooking when camping in the winter months

Make sure that you carry with you the liquid fuel camp stove because the butane gas freezes up and so is not ideal to take for camping. The liquid fuel camp stove is not just reliable but also can be carried easily.

Food and drinks to carry

It is also important that you maintain your calorie and your fluid intake in the winter months. In the cold climate, the body burns calories which are required for your body to maintain a healthy temperature. So make sure that you carry lots of hot meals and plenty of drinks and also drink lots of water. Have you also wondered about trying the best bushcraft axe from http://www.awesomeaxes.com/ when camping in the winter months?

Choose your dress wisely

It is important that you layer your dresses when you go outdoors in the winters. If the altitude is not very high then choose the three-layer system or else if it is really cold then the four-layer system is what you need. It is also important that the gear that you carry is breathable and waterproof. This will keep your clothing and your gears dry.