The Ultimate Guide: How to Stop Eating Out and Save Money 

All of us are aware that we eat the most unhealthy food and follow the most lethargic lifestyle which has made us faster than what people were 3 decades ago.  You will be surprised to know that there are other reasons too which contribute to obesity.  Read on to know them.

Stress and depression:  There are so much of increase in mental stress faced by people.  Interpersonal relations are very poor and there is no harmony and peace.  Comforts and technology have improved.  But happiness levels have come down.  Stress indirectly contributes to the increase in body weight.

Chemical atmosphere:  We are living in a world surrounded by chemicals.  Knowingly or unknowingly we inhale a lot of hazardous chemicals.  The air is surrounded by molecules of pesticides, toxic gases, and pollutants.  These result in obesity.

Medicines:  Medicines consumed for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal problems etc. tend to increase body weight.  Medicines that helps men boost Testosterone levels result in the fatter body.

Attitude to get jobs easily done:  People have developed a strong mental attitude of searching for ways in which jobs can be done easily.  This adds up to lethargy and adds up body weight.

Technology:  Technology has resulted in getting things right at the doorstep.  This has given ample time to enjoy artificial worldly pleasures.  This leads to weight gain.

Hormonal changes:  Hormonal changes in the body are swift and affects all age groups.  This adds to body weight.

Fast pace living:  Every work in this world has become time-bound.  People tend to live at a fast pace and rush up like anything.  This has reduced the time for following supportive good health habits other than health-conscious diet and exercise.  This makes storing bad cholesterol easy and as a result, people tend to be faster than earlier.

All the above reasons indirectly contribute to people becoming fatter than ever.